Hello! Allow me to introduce myself... I am a rather eclectic entrepreneur... a freelance writer, copywriter, editor, review writer, essayist, site content developer, SEO and social media/content marketing consultant, as well as a seamstress/sewist/sewer who has a quirky sense of humor - and this is the central hub of my varied online activities. I've included links to my current adventures and ventures. And as with everything I do, if it makes you smile, or learn something new, I've done my job. Thanks for landing here!


When you're a serious writer ("serious" meaning dedicated and working a lot, not humorless) you start noticing time disappearing. It seems to dwindle until you hardly ever leave your chair.

When you also have a Website that needs maintenance and updating, well, the backside starts forming into the exact shape and size of that previously mentioned chair. Not a pretty thing on any planet!

I sit and ponder, percolate and punch out words on a computer as a freelance writer, website content and web marketing consultant.

I spend my week days conjuring up dazzling word concoctions. I laugh, sing and sip tea while writing, and more than occasionally let my mind wander to my photography hobby. What a great life!

Darlin' Girl Creations...

I'd forgotten the joy of creating with my hands. And because of my ever restless entrepreneurial spirit, I decided to set up a little sewing shop, and I'm thoroughly enjoying designing and creating fun and beautiful handmade, one-of-a-kind items!

I grew up sewing. At the age of twelve, I took a mail order course on dressmaking and by fifteen, I was developing my own patterns, and making men's, women's and kid's clothing and repurposing old clothing.

In the early 1980s, I moved to Las Vegas, where I made custom clothing and worked as a seamstress/dressmaker at several boutiques. I eventually opened my own small shop in Washington. However, in the early 90s, my life took another path, and I became a professional writer. But since, I've rediscovered my 1st love...fabric, sewing and sharing items that make people feel good and want to smile!

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